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LawGuarantee Blog :

Law guarantee focuses on a general and particular area of law and combines both regularly-updated permanent resources, articles, links, daily news, and information of interest to lawyers.

What is LawGuarantee?
The permanent law resources, legal links, daily legal news, and law related informations are designed to collect in one place materials helpful to lawyers.

What is Permanent Legal Resources and Links:

  • A list of law firms, lawyers, attorneys, and genereal law resources
  • A list of casebooks and other materials of law.
  • Links to legal articles and working papers on specialized law reviews
  • Links to professional organizations of law
  • Links to think tanks, Worldwide, state and foreign law sources, publishers, and other web sites of interest

Daily Legal News and Informations:

  • Legal conferences, and meetings
  • Abstracts of working legal papers and recently-published scholarships
  • Law Book reviews 
  • Other items of interest to legal writing and teaching in the law area

Special Note :

LawGuarantee is not a collection of personal ruminations about the Presidential campaign or the war in any area of world. Neither do our team offers their personal views on every policy issue in the news or every new court decisions. We leave that terrain to the many existing blogs with that mission. Instead, our team focuses their efforts, in both the permanent resources, articles, links and daily news and informations about law.

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