5 Guarantied Ways to Go for Break Fast to Heaven

Stairways to heaven orBBQ’s in hell ?That is the question….Fact book (not face book) part 25 guarantied ways to go for break fast to heavenNo, this time I am not going to ask you whether I am joking or not because, this is a “serious” matter, since I am an Angel – (category unspecified) but I am supposed to give you gentle, honest and true inputs. We both know, that there are always 2 sides of a coin – here the one to attain heavenly break fast if so desired

5 point menu for your heavenly break fast order….

1. Never say never and don’t loose faith in yourself and the creator. It’s a matter of survival to know what is right and what is wrong for you. So listen to your inner voice/heart (not head) when being involved in your next fight or dispute. Don’t mean to put your other cheek but at least, find a more loving way to respond than your opponent. It’s nothing wrong with walking away if it feels right. (don’t listen to the voice telling you how to punish this guy etc. that’s the wrong one, to give you a hint!)

2. Accept that even YOU can be wrong sometimes. I know it’s hard to admit but believe me, it’s even harder to keep up with your bold headed ideas of “being right”. I am not saying that you should become a “yes say’er” but every now and then – start to be honest to yourself and your fellow humans and give in.

3. Express yourself in a most loving and understanding way when ever possible and of course honesty must not be missing! Don’t be afraid to be open, know, that only the small minded and scared ones think they can hide the truth. (ok was a bit straight but never the less true)

4. Commitment! Make it easy, if you say YES the DO yes. If you say NO then DO no. You know, it’s so simple and so much time, nerve and depression saving ! Commit yourself to what ever you say and do – it doesn’t matter what others say – if you know and feel you have done right, that’s all that counts at the end of the day and will let you sleep with nice dreams at night. (can not promise every night but at least most of them)

5. Last but not the least – SMILE as many times as possible EACH day! Find the good things in life, see the flowers on the way to work or school, smell spring or winter and find joy and fun when ever possible. I guarantee you (from own experience) no matter how dark matter seems to be, a smile even from a stranger or a loving look from your dogs eyes make a huge difference! Go for it, it’s free and worth it!In case, some Crisp’s lost their way and found this writing, don’t’ get disheartened, it’s not as bad as it may sound in your ears or look for your eyes. Main thing is, in opting for break fast you won’t have always this greedy and needy people around since they up there learned the lesson in sharing. Think and if you get tired of fighting – you know the first 5’s that lead the way to the heavenly stairs….Now the choice is yoursOne puzzling question remains, why not both? I guess, if we do a little “practicing” here on Earth we will gain more of an idea of how it could be on cloud nr. 463. Alternatively we can opt in for hell chamber nr. 23, the BBQ’s. Hot choice or airy view?Final noteNope, definitely I won’t start singing heavenly songs now not the least because my daughter (also in development) told me, that the BBQ’s one is more “crispy” and fun, at least to read … see what’s coming up next!

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