What is Guaranteed Traffic

The Internet has become a very competitive marketplace. Every day, millions of businesses compete for consumer purchases. With all the businesses available, it can be difficult to get your business to stand out among the competition. It can also be difficult to get customers to your site to check out what you have to offer, as well as purchase products. To increase the number of visitors and customers to their sites in hopes they will buy something, many businesses are turning to guaranteed traffic, and you can too.
Guaranteed traffic ensures that a certain number of visitors will frequent your site during a specific time period, which is usually a month. There are a number of different types of guaranteed traffic you can use if you are interested in having your site more visible.
Buy traffic is one of the most common types of guaranteed traffic, as you can buy a specific number of visitor clicks to your website each month. Businesses assume that a certain percentage of visitors to the site will make a purchase, thus guaranteed traffic often pays for itself. However, this is not always the case, and you need to be careful if you do decide to use buy traffic, as eighty percent of buy traffic sites are scams.
If you don’t want to buy traffic, you can always use a banner or link exchange, which is almost always free. These direct individuals from other websites to your website through banners and links on a page and have been around since the beginning of the Internet. They are one of the most proven methods of increasing visitors to your site, although the pop-up method provides a larger volume of visitors to your website.
Pop-up methods direct traffic to your site by popping up a window for you website, when someone visits a different website. This can be very beneficial to you as it directs traffic to your site, but you need to make sure you go with a reputable pop-up or pop-under company. Choosing the wrong company can send the wrong type of traffic to your website, and it can also send you traffic from countries where you won’t be able to ship or provide your product. This is why it is so important to research the company you are going to use, before you pay them for their services.
You should be slightly weary of using pop-up traffic though, due to its annoyance level on potential customers. As more and more businesses have utilized this proven traffic method, the frustration of customers has grown, and now some customers refuse to visit sites hosting pop-ups or being advertised through pop-ups. In addition, many software programs now come with pop-up blockers, which stop them from showing up. These two growing things can make money you spend on pop-up traffic a huge waste.
While the Internet has become very competitive due to the large volume of businesses all trying to sell their products, there are some things you can do to make your business and website stand out. Having guaranteed traffic to your site is just one of them.

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