Is A Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Realistic In Business?

Customer satisfaction and loyalty to a product is very important in any company, be it a company that is consumer oriented or a company that sells to other businesses, but is a customer satisfaction guarantee really realistic in business?
What some companies do in order to attract the

The Influence of Package on Quality Guarantee Period

Abstract: this article briefs on the relationship between barrier property of package materials and product quality guarantee period as well as the package cost; introduces principle of quality guarantee, testing items (transmission testing, sealing testing and aging testing) and the importance

Poker Myths: Guaranteed Prize Pools

Catching an overlay on a major poker site for a guaranteed tournament online is like catching a one outer in poker, it almost impossible. I mean it is a great marketing tool to promote tournaments and such, you get the average poker player, or players to see “$10+1 buy-in, $5,000 prize pool

Guaranteed Personal Loans: Source of Guaranteed Cash

Guaranteed personal loans are the loans that can improve your financial record from bad to good. Guaranteed personal loans are the source of guaranteed cash that can be yours with in few hours. If you are struggling to achieve the good financial record then guaranteed personal loans will be

Guaranteed Secured Loan ? No Proof of Income!

If you are a homeowner, you will be eligible for an adverse credit guaranteed secured loan. A guaranteed loan uses the equity on your home as collateral. An adverse credit guaranteed secured loan caters specially to those who have credit problems. Online guaranteed secured loan lenders will