All You Wanted To Know About Asbestos Legislation

All You Wanted To Know About Asbestos Legislation
 by: David Hooper

It is necessary for all the Americans to have an understanding of Asbestos legislation. Asbestos legislation refers to the US governments attitude towards the asbestos Victims. Asbestos was widely used in the industry for a considerable amount of time. However, asbestos is harmful contaminant and causes harmful diseases such as asbestosis and a fatal cancer known as mesothelioma. It is important for our government to understand the plight of Asbestos victims, and streamline asbestos legislation for providing due compensation to asbestos victims.

Bail out bill:

In spite of the serious nature of Asbestos health hazards, government is taking it very lightly. The last version of the bail out bill of the Asbestos Legislation has provisions that inadequately compensate asbestos victims. The amount proposed in the proposed legislation is not sufficient to take into account the plight of millions of workers, their dependents, reduced life expectancy, and massive medical bills. The companies that have been using Asbestos, in spite of being aware of its ill effects, should be asked to compensate for the lives and health of hapless asbestos workers.

Over the next 20 years, chances are that every year more than 10,000 Americans will die of Asbestos related disease. More than 2,500 Americans are being diagnosed for mesothelioma each year. In spite of these alarming figures, the federal government has not invested in early detection and cure of these diseases. This Asbestos legislation ignores the vital need of funds required for compensation to asbestos victims and research for asbestos related disease. To add to the woes of asbestos victims, mesothelioma patients as termed as beyond help.

This proposed Asbestos legislation puts the law obeying companies at a disadvantage. According to the proposed bill, the companies responsible for causing asbestos exposure are going Scott free. A public opinion drive is going on wherein all the persons are requested to write to the senators to put some more sense in the forthcoming asbestos bill. This is important because the people who have been wronged should get their due compensation. Moreover, asbestos legislation should contain provisions for stringent measures to curb the use of this harmful contaminant.