Can A Guaranteed Approval Credit Card Really Help If You Have Bad Credit?

Once you get into a situation where your credit is no longer recognized as being acceptable, you begin to find that it can definitely put your life on hold. You need some way to be able to start rebuilding your credit and you are wondering how. Although there are more ways than one, one effective way is to get a guaranteed approval credit card. Here is how it can help you get a better credit rating.
When looking for your guaranteed approval credit card, you need to be aware that they are different from regular credit cards. They pretty much work the same way, but are made to ensure that the credit card company is at a place where it can minimize potential loss.
In order to do this, they place a number of fees on your guaranteed approval credit card. These will already be on the card when it is issued to you, and will then leave you with a minimum amount of room to be able to charge anything. In fact you may be able to charge about $100 – and possibly even less for your first bill. Some of these cards will give you a little more room to charge more.
Compare the rate of interest on the various offers for your guaranteed approval credit card. These are generally higher than most other credit cards – again to minimize their risk. Typically it will be above 19%. Of course, this is hardly competitive for a regular card, but if you can endure it for a while, your credit rating will slowly improve and soon you will have better offers come your way from the same company.
Be sure to look at all the fees that apply to the new card. The reason that it is called a guaranteed approval credit card is largely because of the fees that apply. Another one you will have to contend with is the annual fee, which will usually be more than $125.
An alternative to a guaranteed approval credit card is a secured credit card – but it will cost you even more. The expenses for this kind of credit card come from the fact that you will have to open a savings account that is usually equal to the amount of your credit limit. So, you can see, the guaranteed approval credit card is the cheaper of the two ways to go.
One very important thing that you must find out before you apply for your new credit card is if they report to the credit bureaus. This is a must, because if they do not, then it cannot help you at all. Regular reporting means that you can raise your credit rating as long as you make your payments on time – every time. Also, keep in mind the hefty interest rate – paying on time will also save you some money, too.
Before you sign on to any such deal, though, it is always a good idea to check out the company that you are dealing with for any business. Many new companies are fraudulent, and, for this reason, it may be a good idea to stick with the major name companies.

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