Getting Traffic With Guaranteed Sign Ups

Focus on Your Target Market (this term is not taught in most network marketing training).

A target market is a term that is not used in the network marketing industry. Multi-level marketing is viewed as a business that is attractive to anyone seeking to work from home, establish residual income and become rich. The whole World is considered the market of most MLM companies.

The reality is that the information the new MLM Marketers think this is misinformation. The new breed of heavy hitters of Internet Marketing are now teaching targeted marketing strategies to their downline. The heavy hitters are teaching principals that are revolutionizing the Old MLM way of thinking.

According to MLMFirepower “Basically everything that your upline is teaching you about making a ist of your warm market, cold calling, etc. is all wrong. The manuscript goes on the explain that all these old-fashioned techniques are in direct opposition to basic good sales and marketing practices.

The new converts to the MLM world are marketing experts first And then MLM converts second. This makes for a volcanic like shift in the way their MLM Companies will be built. These marketers are using professional tried and true marketing methodology that real world companies use to generate brand awareness, customer loyalty and huge profits.

Since the “Holy Grail” of MLM marketing states you need to have an unending supply of leads to be successful, the new brand of guaranteed signup companies should provide most MLM enthusiasts with quick cash flow.

The newbies can purchase generic leads, some MLM leads or you guaranteed signups. These leads sources are critical to your business success.

Guaranteed signups will dramatically increase your downline. Your profits will increase as a result of these proven techniques. The most successful heavy hitters in MLM understand that there are a set number of people who want to be involved with MLM. However there is no shortage of the number of people who do want the MLM opportunity.

The old concept that anybody and everybody wants to be part of your downline is dead. The new concept involves niche marketing. The task of the niche marketer is to determine who will purchase the product, who wants to participate in the opportunity. The fastest way to accomplish this goal is With guaranteed signups

You no longer want to reach the world. Your marketing dollars will not be spent on useless advertising to the wrong market.

You can reduce your time and your expenditures by utilizing your advertising dollars to guarantee results with guaranteed signups. You can build a bigger and a better downline.

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What is Guaranteed Traffic

The Internet has become a very competitive marketplace. Every day, millions of businesses compete for consumer purchases. With all the businesses available, it can be difficult to get your business to stand out among the competition. It can also be difficult to get customers to your site to check out what you have to offer, as well as purchase products. To increase the number of visitors and customers to their sites in hopes they will buy something, many businesses are turning to guaranteed traffic, and you can too.
Guaranteed traffic ensures that a certain number of visitors will frequent your site during a specific time period, which is usually a month. There are a number of different types of guaranteed traffic you can use if you are interested in having your site more visible.
Buy traffic is one of the most common types of guaranteed traffic, as you can buy a specific number of visitor clicks to your website each month. Businesses assume that a certain percentage of visitors to the site will make a purchase, thus guaranteed traffic often pays for itself. However, this is not always the case, and you need to be careful if you do decide to use buy traffic, as eighty percent of buy traffic sites are scams.
If you don’t want to buy traffic, you can always use a banner or link exchange, which is almost always free. These direct individuals from other websites to your website through banners and links on a page and have been around since the beginning of the Internet. They are one of the most proven methods of increasing visitors to your site, although the pop-up method provides a larger volume of visitors to your website.
Pop-up methods direct traffic to your site by popping up a window for you website, when someone visits a different website. This can be very beneficial to you as it directs traffic to your site, but you need to make sure you go with a reputable pop-up or pop-under company. Choosing the wrong company can send the wrong type of traffic to your website, and it can also send you traffic from countries where you won’t be able to ship or provide your product. This is why it is so important to research the company you are going to use, before you pay them for their services.
You should be slightly weary of using pop-up traffic though, due to its annoyance level on potential customers. As more and more businesses have utilized this proven traffic method, the frustration of customers has grown, and now some customers refuse to visit sites hosting pop-ups or being advertised through pop-ups. In addition, many software programs now come with pop-up blockers, which stop them from showing up. These two growing things can make money you spend on pop-up traffic a huge waste.
While the Internet has become very competitive due to the large volume of businesses all trying to sell their products, there are some things you can do to make your business and website stand out. Having guaranteed traffic to your site is just one of them.

Joseph operates a guaranteed sign ups website that offers you a chance to build your MLM business. You can check out his Guaranteed Signups website

Guaranteed Traffic Or Guaranteed Rip-Off?

Copyright (c) 2009 Michael Crank

Assuming that everything else is being done correctly, web traffic is probably the most critical element in the success or failure of a web site. Out of the many ways to get a lot of steady traffic, two are vigorously promoted—one is free and the other requires money.

On the free end, we have traffic exchanges where you can sign up and list your site and earn credits by surfing and clicking on other members’ links which converts into how many times your site will be displayed. Assuming you have all day every day to do that, I suppose that’s a fantastic idea, but I have found that to be the most time-consuming and boring exercise of all marketing strategies I have employed.

There are people who use these religiously and swear up-and-down by them—and they get great results—so they say. It’s an option and it won’t cost you any money (unless you opt for the paid upgrade which some of them have), but you had best be prepared to invest some time. Me, personally—I need to be maintaining my site and running my business—I do not have time to be clicking for ad credits.

The paid option involves services that will sell you web traffic in the form of hits, visitors, guaranteed visitors, or guaranteed signups. When you go to the sites of these services, you will find that they promise you the moon and the stars, but for the most part, seem to deliver only star dust. I have tried several of these companies and I have had dismal results—and that is the concensus of successful online marketers.

It seems that there are some, at least, that employ dirty little tricks once they get your money. Some of the underhanded ploys include sending you hits when you have paid for visitors, counting repeat visitors as new visitors, redirecting people to your site from expired domains who have no interest in what you are selling, showing a thumbnail image of your site rather than a full page view—and the list goes on.

For someone starting out, guaranteed traffic can be a godsend if you’re getting the real thing—but that’s the problem—you don’t always know. The immediate goal of someone starting out online is to get into profit as quickly as possible and this is best achieved with a steady volume of traffic because it all comes down to a numbers game—with x amount of traffic, you get x number of sales.

I am unaware of any unbiased reviews of the specific companies selling guaranteed traffic, so my best advice would be to pose the question in forums such as the Warrior Forum, and get other people’s experience. Article marketing and building back links are slow to take effect; of course, once they do, then you will start to get lots of free traffic from the search engines, but that doesn’t help you in the short-term. It takes a daily, steady flow of traffic to make an impact—if you can find the right service at the right price, it can get you where you need to be in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

Michael W Crank is the owner of Marketing Concepts Plus. For quality resources to help you grow your online business, visit us at
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Web Traffic: Dirty Truth Behind Guaranteed Traffic

Generating traffic to your website is the next most important thing after you’ve published your website on the web.

You can have great-looking website, you can have good quality contents, but if you have no visitors to your website, your website is as good as junk.

Knowing that getting traffic determines the life and death of any website, some people jumped on that opportunity and came up with the “guaranteed traffic” scheme to mercilessly squeeze money out of those who desperately need traffic to their website.

What does it mean by “guaranteed traffic” in the first place?

For instance, a traffic seller called John Doe offers his traffic packages on his website:

· $60 for 20,000 guaranteed visitors – It means you pay $60 to John and he’ll get 20,000 web visitors for you

· $200 for 250 guaranteed signups – It means you pay $200, and you’ll have 250 people to opt into your database

Here’s how John sends “guaranteed traffic” to your website.Step 1: You pay John money for the traffic packageStep 2: John keeps half of the money and distributes the other half among his members who will then click to go to your websiteStep 3: Once the number of visitors to your website has been fulfilled, your deal with John will end.

[Note: you’re not John’s member, you’re his client. John will have another few websites that help him sign in the kind of people who are interested to make some money from visiting websites, reading emails and opting into other people’s database.]

Such a scheme is commonly known as “paid-to-click” or “paid-to-signup”. Meaning, John’s members get paid for clicking to visit your website or opt into your database.

So, will visitors who go to your website under such condition carry genuine interest in your product offer?

I don’t think so.

Check with any guru or expert, they’ll tell you it’s a waste of money and effort to buy such kind of traffic because those visitors are only interested to make spare cash by visiting other people’s websites.

If you were one of those people who love to get paid by clicking to visit websites or opt into database, you’d love to have such a scheme to help you make some spare time cash.

But if you’re running a serious online business, I’m sure you don’t want to have this kind of “traffic” flocking to your website that doesn’t help in your sales but drain away your money instead.

So when you have so many visitors or signups in your database, don’t be too happy yet. Because these are the people that usually disappoint you in your sales.

Who’s actually making sales instead? John, of course.

Hence, be careful not to fall into such “guaranteed traffic” trap.

Focus more on search engine traffic or advertise using pay-per-click, these are your better way of getting serious visitors who are genuinely interested in your product offer.

And thus increasing your chances of grabbing more sales.Special note: Difference between pay-per-click and paid-to-click

Pay-per-click and paid-to-click are 2 totally different advertising approaches.

Unlike paid-to-click scheme, pay-per-click works in such a way that you’ll pay only when your ad is clicked.

And the best part is the person who clicks your ad does not get paid for his act, which means he’s showing greater interest in your product offer as compared to those paid-to-click visitors, hence giving you higher chances of closing sales.

Do a search for the word “pay-per-click” and you’ll see some ads lining up vertically on the right of your screen. Those are examples of pay-per-click ads.

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